Job Detail

Freelance translator

  • Job typeJob type : Onsite
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelExpensive
  • Project deadlineExpired

Project detail

My Responsibilities Included:

  •  Interpreting project documents and direct conversations for western volunteers from Khmer to English and from English to Khmer for Cambodian rural and urban audiences.
  •  Interpreting for HIV/ AID patient and Health conference.
  •  Prepared yearly budget plan and divided into monthly.  
  • Requested and settled budget expenses monthly. 
  • Write monthly report and  quarterly report 
  • Getting the supplies 
  • Contextualize training material together with the rest of the team if needed: 
  • Read and make sure you understand and know the material well 
  • Collect already existing materials in the area of child rights/protection, parenting and so on
  • Be able to adjust the basic child rights training material in the light of each NGO/CSO and government school’s needs
  • Update training outline/manual for the target NGOs/CSOs and government school 
  • Provides training to target NGOs/CSOs and government school in Takeo and Pursat province on Child Rights/Protection and Parenting Skills
  • Coaches and mentors the target NGOs/CSOs and government school in Takeo and Pursat province, and collect lessons learned
  • Build networking and cooperation between the target NGOs/CSOs and government school in the target areas with other target groups such CCCP, CPC, etc o Mentorship and follow up of the target group: 
  •  Support each NGO/CSO and government school to implement their knowledge in their NGO/CSO, government school, family and community
  •  Help them to apply what they learned during the training 
  • Evaluate according to the follow up questionnaire that are in line with the project Logframe 
  • Build the connection and cooperation between the NGOs/CSOs and government school in Takeo and Pursat province with other target groups such as CCCP, CPC, etc
  •  Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): 
  • Monitor all work done, review this and keep good documentation of the work done as well as the results and what should be continued or done differently in the future
  • Communicate with the VOTC staff responsible for coordinating M&E about monitoring and evaluation needs 
  • Take part in periodic need assessments: 1) in relation to the role and responsibilities and 2) with the communities with which this role interacts 
  • Participate in relevant M&E training and/or learning activities o Proposal, Strategic Plans and Logframe:
  •  Play an active part of the projects yearly planning o Make sure to imple

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Project Completion deadline

January 15, 2017